Poll: Do you like to use a tremelo?
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Yes trems FTW!!!
9 45%
Only if its a floating trem.
3 15%
No, i hate them.
4 20%
No, but i wish i had one.
4 20%
Voters: 20.
I've only got one electric guitar, whose trem never stays in tune, so I'm not used to using it.

Besides "Cemetary Gates" and "Satch Boogie", I don't know any "tremolo" songs. Some people just push it once in the middle of a song, so you can easily play it without that.

I don't actually hate tremolos: I rest my palm on the bridge so fender-style trems are very comfortable.
I like my ZR tremolo. i don't rely heavily on it for my playing but it is fun to mess around with every once in a while and people think it looks cool. but ZR trem is FTW.
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ive only had my cheap strat copy with a trem, but if i could get a guitar with a GD FR type trem then i would be happy with it, i dont need to use it much just now, but it would be smething good to build on as i expand on my music styles
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