what do you think is it any good i want an amp to replace my mg15dfx and was thinking about one of these play pantera, lamb of god, metallica so on, metal stuff really, my guitar is a jackson RR3 (was thinking about an cube 60 before the randall if you think that would be better plaese let me know) cheers
I've got an Jackson JS30Ke Kelly and I run it through a Randall RX75D Combo, and I think it sounds awesome. I mainly play heavy metal, with Pantera being the main influence and I'm really happy with my amp.

If you go to my band's garage band site (link in signature), you can listen to a song recorded with that set up to get a feel for the sound.
i just got a Randall RG75D and it sounds incredible, but i'm not familiar with all of the differences between the RG and RX other than the speaker. i would recommend you try both the cube and RX. i've also got a Cube 30, which is great for headphone use and line-out recording because it's a modeling amp. but for normal playing out loud the Randall absolutely crushes it. you should be able to get an RG75 or RG75D on eBay for a good price now. the G3 series is out, so i picked up a brand new G2 for a great discount.

another warning about the cubes: though they have a series of different amp models, each one is not very tweakable. the onboard EQ does very little other than extreme adjustments. anothing thing that annoys me about the cube is that there is no sound from 0-2 on the volume, so the lowest level is too loud for playing it at night without headphones.
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I think your screwed ! You should quit guitar and take up the skin flute!
so you reckon the randall a good choose for the music i play. I want it to last me a long time too do you think it would?
Well, the G3 is a pretty new series, and I haven't really dropped my amp or nothing like that, but it seems to be pretty solid. The corners are reinforced and the back is pretty covered (which also helps with the bass).

And yes I reckon it's a good choice, did you listen to the clips?