I have some questions for you, about the theory..

If I have a song in which I play D5, C5, G5, A#5, C#5 in this sequence, can I play as solo something from the G BLues scale? (becaues those notes are taken from that scale)
IN other words, should I look only at the tonic when I decide a scale or the solo, or should I look also at the other note of the power chord?
If I cannot play the G blues scale, what scale can i play?Is it one only scale possible or i have to change with the chords?

That's a sample i recorded (sorry for the bad quality)

And another doubt: this two songs are respectively in Emajor and Dmajor, can i play on them a solo from the respective major scale, or I have to follow some rules?

Thanks for the attention

ps:i post it also in classic guitar.. dont know where it's better
maybe try putting it in musician talk

and also i have no particular scale i like most, but to me harmionic minors and the mixolidian mode(i think cant remember the name) sound nice

im a bit unsure about what scales you can use in that however, but im sure the D harmonic minor will fit ill check the blues for you

G blues

G A# B C C# D F G
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You're right! Both the D harmonic minor and G blues are ok! So i cant play that two scales whenever i want on these chords? Like i did in my mp3?

edit: uhmm but ther's not the C in the D harmonic minor..
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