Hey, I am trying to find a comprehensive list of (what I believe are called) cliched progressions.

For example, after doodling, I stumbled across a familiar sounding Fm, Fminmaj7, Fm7, B9 descending bass line. It sounded SO familiar that I found out it's also called CLICHED! haha.

Another example. I don't know this one's name, but it sounds something like: Dmaj7, Ebdim7, A, F7...with assorted turnarounds (right word?) to A I think.

Also, I really like the sound of Dm7, Ddim7 (x56464), Cmaj7, a little trip back to the key of C.

If anyone has seen a website or previous post that talks about these apparently common mini- chord progressions, please relay the info! Maybe a few formulae would be nice (like II-V7-....etc.)
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I've been looking for almost the same thing. I sorely need chord help.
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ii - V - I.
ii - vii° - I (vii° is a rootles V7b9).
ii - bII - I.
iiø - V7b9 - I-Δ (I prefer the sound of I6/9 here if the minor seventh isn't in the melody).
iiø - V7alt - I-Δ.
vi - ii - V - I.
vi - V/V - V - I.
V/ii - V/V - V - I.
iii - vi - II - V - I. (iii here is normally iiisusb9, not iii-7).
bIII - V/V - bII - I.
I - ii - iii - IV. (Common when a Δ chord lasts one bar and leads to the V chord).

There are all common ones I find sound cliché (in a good way).
I - vi - IV - V ice cream chords. its used almost exclusively in 50s and 60s music. stand by me, last kiss etc...
Spanish cadence thing: i - VII - VI - V

And the generic sorta souther rock thing: V - IV - I - V (think Sweet Home Alabama).

Johnljones has vi - ii - V - I, which is very common, and it's also common to put a I at the beginning to start a tune, so you have I - vi - ii - V - (I).
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