Pretty good effort, but a couple of things tho

a) like the guy above said, the rythmn is slightly out at times

b) this is more of a feel thing, but u gotta experiment with making the guitars feel more 'together', sort of working as one

I play loads of maiden and priest, and they have twin guitar in abundance. The best way to keep together is tapping ur feet (like the guy above also said), but also to use a metronome to keep time.

Otherwise, tighness comes with pratice, but people tend to take synchronisation for granted, whereas it isn't actually that easy.

But the playing was still good tho, don't get me wrong, and the singing was actually pretty good i though, perhaps a little too quiet tho.

Sounds very promising

PS: please would you cirt my iron maiden recording, link below. many thanx

Thanks for the crit, we were just mucking about really, but I definitely know what you mean about the rythm being out