just bought a used Ampeg SS-70, and the "High gain" guitar input jack doesn't work. When i plug the guitar into that jack, it just gives a constant buzzing feedback tone.

My impression is that all I would need to do is:

1. check to make sure all the wires are soldered together correctly. Possibly re-solder if needed.
3. check to make sure the open wires are not touching each other. wrap them in electrical tape.
2. possibly replace the actual jack, which costs about 5 bucks.

I can take this to a repairman, but i am thinking about making an attempt at this myself, since it seems like a smaller, isolated problem and I could learn about my amp and repairs in the process. I like tinkering with things, so I feel pretty comfortable about it.

What are your thoughts? Am I getting in over my head? Anyone else ever tinkered with amps in this way?
I've opened up my amp a few times and had a look, it's quite interesting XD
Anyway, the only advice i would give you is dont go fiddling around too much, and remember where things go.
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