So on Thursday, Ive got this Model UN thing to go to. My group were assigned Pakistan, and I have to write a 2 minute-long speech on Education. So far, I have:
Education is the foundation of development. Without proper education, Pakistan will remain merely another weak and deprived third world country. However, with, rapid economic growth and a stable democracy will become inevitable.

Currently, Literacy rates in Pakistan are low; an average of 49% compared to the world average of 82%. This comes at a great disadvantage to us, as we are unable to compete with more developed countries.

More than half of the population is currently employed in the agricultural industry, and since this is seasonal, there is high unemployment. Also, despite our best efforts to eradicate it, child labour still exists.

Teachers have a lack of training or motivation, efforts to deliver high-quality education to all economic groups have failed, and only about half of the population over 10 years old ever attended school. However, with your help, we can put an end to this.

Currently, the trend is the literacy rates are increasing every year, but this can be further improved on. With the support of other members of the UN, we aim to invest $5bn in education; building new schools and universities, as well as more training facilities for teachers. We can provide further motivation for teachers through increases in salaries.

Although Pakistan cannot offer much monetary aid, we are willing to offer moral support, and will fully back any resolutions we consider to be beneficial.

I havent quite finished yet, but constructive crit would be welcome. I know there are some intelligent members of the Pit somewhere, and if you could offer a few tips, that would be great.

BTW, Im going to be the one reading the speech. I dont need any tips on that though, as Im quite good at public speaking
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i went to a model un conference in the fall as St. Lucia. we lost

edit; its quite good, but you should elaborate more on how you are fixing the problem, like how all the money your going to invest will directly solve the problem in detail. other than that it was better than mine was.