Two part question. I figured this should be in here, because technically changing strings is a customization (just not a big one )

I need to change my strings. Badly!
I'm more of a heavy/blues/metal/neoclassical/punk kinda guy, and these slinkys don't cut it.
Im looking into anykind of stings that have thinner highs and fatter lows.
Im looking at the zakk's but im not sure i want to deal with a .70 low E.

Any suggestions?

Also, changing when changing string width... what process is needed to readjust the bridge to the fit?

im a total n00b when it comes to guitar maintance.

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I find that a set of 10's or 11's give the chunk i need and still let me bend strings easily....just try different sets til you get something you like.

Changing gauge of string puts a different load on you neck ie....to tune to concert pitch heavier gauge strings need more tension.....therefore your neck will want to bend more....so some minor adjustments in the neck will be needed (the guitars, not yours) however neck adjustment is not something you want to prat around with if you don't know what your doing.......
Thanks man, I'm definetly changing gauge. Maybe getting some dime sigs
In the dice game of life, who gets the last roll
Signature strings? Wow, let's hope they sound better than the Dimebucker.
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Zakk wylde's got a .60 set that might work, But try out a .10,.20,.30,.40,.50,.60 set and get back to me on it.

Edit: I changed to heavier strings, and my neck doesn't play very well anymore. you may need a new nut, but if you do it isn't that expensive.
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