OK people, there's many threads about tone. How about we have a thread where everyone puts in their favourite EQ settings? I think it's a good idea, and if Inky or Dan decide to sticky this, it would hopefully knock down a few of those many, many threads we get overflowing this place about people asking about what's a good tone.

If this has been done (and I can't see it), feel free to delete this thread.

I have 1 general amp setting, and use my bass controls to alter as I see fit on stage:




Generally, I set my Low control on my bass to around where 7 would be, totally scoop the Mids and keep the High on 5, and set the mid blend control to around 6-7. I find it's quite bassy, yet still has the articulation of the notes I require. I'll add mids as I need them, and maybe throw down the highs a bit.

So there you go
I like to use:

Bass- 0
Lo-Mid- 10
Hi-Mid- 10
Treble- 0
Tone Knob- 10
It gives a very wah-y sound for the NIB type songs if you don't have a wah pedal -->me<--

Bass- 7
Lo-Mid- 10
Hi-Mid- 6
Treble- 3
Tone Knob- Halfish
Gives a very generic rock and roll bassy sound with a little extra growl.

Bass- 10
Lo-Mid- 10
Hi-Mid- 0
Treble- 0
Tone Knob- Ful
This gives a very compressed sound for a slower balladish song.

Bass- 10
Lo-Mid- 4
Hi-Mid- 4
Treble- 10
Tone Knob- Full or None
This slapped gives great tone, finger picked gives a very metally tone with the Tone Knob rolled off

TO give a nice precision tone:

Bass: 7
Mid: 15
High: 6


Tone knob: full
Bass: 1 o'clock
Mid Level: 1 o'clock
Mid Freq: 3 o'clock
Treble: 3 o'clock

Neck pickup vol is usually turned down a bit for finger playing
Pick playing I turn the bridge pickup down
Tone knob is always about halfway, but slightly more to the brighter tone.

I've also found that a good faux-upright sound can be had by turning your bridge pickup all the way off, and playing over the neck.
Nobody seems to mention what frequencies they boost when refering to lo-mid and hi-mid. They are very important in finding a characteristic sound. Cutting at 300Hz sounds much different then at, say, 800Hz. Anyway:

On my bass, I have the bass (40Hz) 3/4 on, my mid is just under half (500Hz), and I crank the treble full-on (8kHz). My pickup blend is 3/4 favouring the neck pickup.

On my amp, I have the bass (80Hz) at 2 or 3 o'clock, the mid low set to 300Hz and set at 2 o'clock, the mid high set to 2.2kHz and almost cranked, and my treble (10kHz) set to almost full.

Anyway, I was wondering, does it make a difference if I roll back on the knobs a bit and just boost the volume? Does that make a clearer sound?
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