well, i'm pretty much done being able to find/play the major/minor scales from a given key on each string (following from pentatonic shapes) and I was just wondering, in your experience, is it effective to know, from each of those keys, to have learned their major/minor arpeggios as well? I don't know if its just a coincidence or if theres some kinda theory behind it, but I always find that my improv sounds better when I play the arpeggio of a certain scale i'm in and stray from that into whatever major/minor scale i'm on rather than follow the M/m scale itself. I don't know if what i'm saying makes sense...say i'm playing through the 5 possible 'box shape' variations of the C major scale on each string, is it recommended that I learn their respective C-E-G/1-3-5 arpeggios as well? or am i better off learning those separately?
i actually recommend learning what notes are where so that you don't have to follow patterns.