I've been looking around like crazy for a seven string electric. I've been drooling over JP's Musicman for about a year now, but it's way out of budget. Anybody know of a manufacturer that does a seven string at around 400 or 500 dollars?
Schecter makes a couple, I beleive. But I'd go with Ibanez. You can get their basic RG 7 string with a fixed bridge for around 350ish, I think. Can't beat buyin a used one, though, until you decide whether or not you really like a 7 string.
Washburn has one for $200 at Music 123.
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the schecter omen 7 is the least expensive 7 string in their lineup. it goes for about $300 on zzounds.com
Thanks guys. This really is a big help. My 18th birthday is coming up, so I've been on the prowl. Can't wait to get a hold on one!
Find a used Ibanez Universe. Might be a little more expensive, but many consider them to be the best 7 string's around.