Alright, so I have a project in Geography about Asian arts, and on the list of topics was sitar. I chose it, of course. For the project my teacher said I could play a sitar song on my guitar for the class, so here are my questions: what's a good song if anyone knows one, and what tuning should I use? Thanks guys, if anyone knows. Also, keep in mind I have 14 days to do this, so nothing hard please.
Wow...I honestly haven't a clue, but I don't think it's like playing a guitar. It uses seperate tunings throughout songs and you have to finger pick it regardless.
Eek. I've watched people play the sitar (had a band come in earlier this year) and it didn't look THAT different. I just have no clue on how to tune it.
Quote by SaulHudson
Eek. I've watched people play the sitar (had a band come in earlier this year) and it didn't look THAT different. I just have no clue on how to tune it.

Well, okay then. They are usually tuned (in the most common sense) as either C# or D. This can cary depending on the teacher and region of which the instrument is originated. I think it's standard 12 fret octave, but I could be wrong.
Within You, Without You?

That's the only sitar song I know, other than the intro to Wherever I May Roam.
It's true, this stuff I make up.
The only sitar thing I know is the intro to Paint it Black haha.
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By the way, try defretting a guitar. That ways you get full semi- half and whole tone range. It can sound just like a sitar. I did this to my Squier, and it owns.
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the start of wherever i may roam -metallica (i think thats a sitar?)
or the start of 4 degrees -tool (again i think thats a sitar, not sure)

dont know the tunings but yea, thats all that comes to mind.
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You won't sound anywhere close to a sitar without the sympathetic strings.

You can achieve an approaching similar effect (nothing close though) with a well set up flanger.

Indian ragas (scale forms) do use quartertones, you can acheive that effect with good bends

check out shakti for some indian classical insprired acoustic treasure.
I believe that in their music, they have a 22 note scale so... as opposed to our 12 notes, it might be a little hard.
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You can't play a sitar song on a guitar. You can get some semblance of the sound with one of those sitar-guitars though.
Sitars are buil very differently from guitars you can tune them any way you want to, I've heard of them being tuned in fifths, though (seven notes apart) the thing is, sitars have 21 strings, and unique frets that are spaced differently to form a different kind of scale.