Ok, i've been looking around this bit of the forum and all i hear is "Audacity is great" and well frankly it's not.

It doesn't want to pick up my mic, and when it does, it's ridiculously fuzzy.

I use Logic 7 Pro at college, and i know you can't compare them. But i was wondering if anyone knew of any cheap, and i mean Cheap, like free, DECENT software.

Please help

I will be getting an audio interface when i get paid so i have no problem recording the guitar, just need decent software.

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Reason isn't recording software, its a drum and synthesizer sequencer. Sonar 6, however, is a recording program that can easily be found and downloaded.
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If you are used to using Logic, I would get Logic Express. It's a lot cheaper and less features, but I've heard good reviews. Apple offers discounts to college students.

Audacity is a pitiful excuse for a recording program. The reason people recommend it is because:

1. They don't know what they are doing


2. It's free (And you get what you pay for)
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