I have some questions for you, about the theory..

If I have a song in which I play D5, C5, G5, A#5, C#5 in this sequence, can I play as solo something from the G BLues scale? (becaues those notes are taken from that scale)
IN other words, should I look only at the tonic when I decide a scale or the solo, or should I look also at the other note of the power chord?
If I cannot play the G blues scale, what scale can i play?Is it one only scale possible or i have to change with the chords?

That's a sample i recorded (sorry for the bad quality)

And another doubt: this two songs are respectively in Emajor and Dmajor, can i play on them a solo from the respective major scale, or I have to follow some rules?

Thanks for the attention
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for your first question, to make things simple i would say, take the root and their respective 5ths, toss out any additional notes (im sure G will pop up in there twice) these are the notes in your scale, then use this scale based around the root of the song, sounds like it resolves to D
Uhm.. i think it should be a F augmented fifth scale, dont you think?
THere are these notes do do# re fa sol la la#

ps: but what about the other question? Can iplay notes randomly from the Dmajor scale, if a song is made in the Dmajor scale?

And do you listen to my mp3?
Is it wrong tonality or not?
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no i didn't listen to the mp3, but i can tell by the progression, the C#5 leads back into the D5 that starts off the song.

as for "random" notes , i wouldn't suggest random notes at all, but you can play the major scale of a major chord progression.

for your first song (the one with the chords i would look at it like this

D5 - D + A
C5 - C + G
G5 - G +D
A#5 = Bb - Bb + F
C#5 = Db - Db + Ab

collect all these notes and you have

D,F,G,Ab,A,Bb, C,Db

which is basically a D blue scale with a minor 6
And so I have to use basically all the notes of the power chords during soloes?

But are you saying that I can use a D minor Blues scale with that chords? Even if I dont play the Db?