I've got a Fender strat HSS with a humbucker in the bridge. I've been messing with my sound lately, lowering pickups and what not and I was wondering if I started cranking the screws on my humbucker to raise and lower the polls what type of sound I would be getting from either positition. And if I'm going to be moving the polls around, is it better to have the polls different distances from different strings? I know its a lot but if anyone could cover the variations in poll height and configuration and match it with the type of sound I'd be getting that would be great. Thanks.

P.S. I'm into a lot of blues-rock / classic rock stuff.
The humbucker screw-poles are there to make each string sound equally loud.Leave them alone, this will not help you achieve any kind of new sound.

Always happy to help
There are a few pickups that have allen-head poles...these WILL be affected by raising and lowering them. The DiMarzio Evolution is one, for example. It does change the sound.
Raising and lowering your pickups has more effect than just raising and lowering voulme. Some people try to get them as close as they can so they're loud and they distort a little more, but this can work against you.
Pickups generate a magnetic field...if you raise them too high, the field will interfere with the string's vibration and cause lack of sustain...your notes won't ring out as long.
Find a website that lists Fender's reccomended pickup heights. If you want to change your tone, do it with the amp.
Be sure to not have your pickups too close to the strings. The sound gets muddy, and the magnetic field from the pickups can monkey with the strings, throwing them out of tune even if you're in tune. On the other hand, having them too low lower your output a lot, and makes it so that you really don't get the best tone out of your guitar.

By the way, it's pole pieces.