I may possibly be the worst singer in existence.........but thats ok.......... .....

Anyway this song made me decide to attempt to sing.........Plz tell me how awful you think i am.........or if u think i have potential thatd be nice too.

But im still somewhat getting over pubert as far as my singing voice is concerned........I am 15 btw........and if u think im awful at singing at least check out the other stuff on my page and it will show you im much better at guitar......

Anyway.....the worst part is the main chorus part.......but plz give a listen and let me know..........
your voice is fine man, just keep workin at it, sounds allright to me and with some work would be good
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Hi man!

First of all, well done for at least trying to sing. I don't sing, cos I don't want to make a dork of myself, but a part of my would like to be able to.

The guitar was quite good, and well timed.

The singing wasn't as bad as you described, granted there was a couple of parts that did sound a little odd (when u were going higher) however, it did sound reasonable overall. Certainly not poor at all.

But its got potential

Please would you be able to crit my song in return. cheers!

Dude the singing isn't that bad, most of it sounded pretty good but it got iffy when you went higher, you'll get it, guitar was great though, keep working on it, and man I'm in the same boat as you 15 year old, who can hardly sing... anyways it was definitely not awful, I kinda liked it

a little while ago I tried a cover of Lazarus by Porcupine Tree, it was fun, I don't know how I hit some of the notes though

crit for crit
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You have a grasp on it for sure! Listen to the song a couple more times to get the phrasing and arrangement. It took me a long time to learn this one too! Lots of chords. I would like to hear a recording of this in a couple of months. Good job man!

My latest cover is here:
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Hey, have some confidence man!

Your voice sounds pretty nice, although it's not very rocky, if you know what I mean. The rhythm seems slighly off at some points, your chords need to sound more open. But it's good you have a good voice compared to many of the people on here. Some notes are a little off, but overall it's good.

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Ok. So i guess i exagerated a little. Well im glad its not as bad as i thought and i prolly expected too much of myself being that i had just learned the song earlier that day. Thanks for the crits, and ill work on it some more.