critisize please !! titles please

She’s a girl, who’s touching my heart,
I look around and lady your so smart,
I start sweating and looking for redemption,
But then you see me an I get your attention,

Girl don’t let me go along,
Come along let’s take you home,
To a place where we perceive
That we just might believe,

You don’t want to go to night,
Cos you’re screaming that it’s too tight.
Don’t keep giving me all this crap,
Get on your bike or go for a knap.

The worlds no good for you,
Ur telling me its so poo,
Just get lost and go away,
I’m telling you that you can’t stay.

Don’t cry for me,
Cos im already free,
Cry for yourself,
And get off my shelf.
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wow steve, i see what u mean, tons of people not reading the faq today. ok threadstarter, please read the faq, it says ur thread title can only have the name of ur song, not 'NEW SONG'
or 'plz crit guys!come on!' just ur song name will do.so please delete this, and repost with the correct title. thank you
^ I blame the fact the announcment has obscured the view. But its more important to have that up.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.