I was wondering about the controller for guitar hero, a toy guitar ...right.
Why couldn't they have developed the game to support real guitars, i mean u just jack it in and u can play.
They could put in a built in tuner into the game so the game can identify what your playing.
Much more people would actually buy it cause they wouldnt think its bullshit when they already have a real guitar to play.
These things just make me wonder.
That shitty game is good for nerds who feel like playing guitar for real...pfff.
Keep dreaming.
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i see your point, but that would kind of defeat the purpose of it being a video game. its just for fun. and dont say "much more people would buy it" im sure guitar hero is very happy with their sales

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it would be kool but it would be just like real guitar which many people cant play and tend to give up on... so they would lose a ton of sales lol
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We need guitar hero for people who dont have the social skills to form a band. Or who just generally have fat fingers. Or for Girls.
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more people play plastic guitars than real guitars.

and if they were to make a real guitar hero, the internal tuner would cost a lot. and the guitar to plug into the xbox would cost a lot.

The internal tuner would be similar to the guitar pro tuner, and the guitar to plug in would be yourr own guitar. Its as if ur plugging into an amplifier.
i could see it being a good idea if it was an alternative to using the plastic control, but to make the whole game for a real guitar wouldn't be that smart of a move imo for whoever make the game
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it would be kool but it would be just like real guitar which many people cant play and tend to give up on... so they would lose a ton of sales lol

it is alot easier to pick up then real guitar but if u like try to play on the hard level it gets freaking insane it is almost harder then real guitar when ya get in a higher level
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Quote by StratoWizard
That shitty game is good for nerds who feel like playing guitar for real...pfff.
Keep dreaming.

Or its for, you know, fun. You can play guitar and Guitar Hero.
no i think it would probably be a good idea
although game development would be complicated , the props they have to develop is an xbox and guitar compatible wire. Im talking about ur own guitar here if u already own one u dont need a controller. Well maybe a controller for selecting options
It's actually a pretty fun game. I was able to get through songs on Expert (highest setting) within a dozen trys. Try playing Jordan on Expert. God that's tough.
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I'm embarrassingly bad at that game, but i love it .
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Nothing wrong with guitar hero. A fine game, but I did see a guy the modified a squier strat with the guitar hero buttons so he could play on a real guitar. Pretty cool.
Because developing the game to support real guitars is more expensive
Why would you play guitar hero with a real guitar, If you can just play the songs with your guitar anyway without guitar hero...
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I loathe those videos on YouTube of people saying stuff like:
"Watch me playing Crossroads perfectly

On Guitar Hero"

What they mean to say is, they can't play it with a real guitar, so much use a shitty plastic one that has 4-5 buttons, rather than up 125 notes (25 fret guitar)
Guitar hero was developed that so it appeals to be people who can't play guitar as well as those who can.
I enjoy playing it. I got into it because my friend had it and it lets me "play guitar" with him. He bought a real guitar but can't play it. I wish he'd learn how to play a real one.
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