They're different. Wah pedals are like a tone control cutting of different frequencies in different positions; giving the wah sound , whereas a whammy pedal can raise or lower the pitch.
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tool and opeth definitly dont play tube amps . You cant get those distorted sounds out of it. tube is for like beatles stuff right?

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Nope. Wah pedals sweep through a specific frequency controlled by the pedal, which creates that great wah-wah sound you know and love. Whammy pedals control the pitch of the guitar signal, raising and lowering it with the pedal.
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are wah and whammy pedals the same things if not then wats the differance?

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way different. The whammy has a harmonizer and a octave bend. It makes the sounds like on RATM's killing in the name solo and a bunch of other tom morello stuff.

A wah-wah make the guitar go wah-wah

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Wah pedal - Jimi hendrix style stuff
Whammy pedal - makes it sound really high
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This is what a Whammy sounds like.
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