My bass intonates the A, D and G strings pretty much perfectly. The E although, will not. It keeps going way sharp. I mean, I couldn't even tell when I first started playing, but now after some time it seems to not sound right at all. I've messed around with it quite a bit and am ready to just get rid of it. Anyone have any input on my problem?
The tuning peg could be out of wack, but that would usually make it go flat. Possibly your saddles are too close/far away from the nut to keep it in tune?
It stays in tune fine, The intonation is just always sharp no matter the position of the saddle.
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Hmm, what I understand is that you tune it, then its sharp. So tune it flat?

I think they mean the open string is in tune but all the frets are sharp.
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I think they mean the open string is in tune but all the frets are sharp.

Yeah, but he said moving the saddles away didn't help that, although thats how its usually solved, right?
Don't worry too much about this. The fat one can sometimes be a bit stubborn when adjusting the string length. I don't really know why this is, but I often noticed this on regular alto guitars also. For some reason increasing the length of this string just doesn't manage to bring the 12th note down beyond a certain point some 15 to 20 hz too high. You may consider to lower the action a bit or you can try another brand of strings to see if this does any good. Another option is to accept it as a fact of live. If the lowest seven or eight notes on the E are good, you can play the higher ones elsewhere on the fretboard.