im trying to insert an image that will be shown on the part.
I start a new sketch on a surface and insert an image into the sketch, but all i see is the outline of a square with the name of the file in it. How do i make it so that the iage is visible when viewing the part?
have you inserted raster image?
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ive been trying it with the insert image thing [the little box with the mountains and the sun on it] but all i get is the box with the filename. But for the other way ide need a way to convert a jpeg to an autocad file
you should be able to go to insert, then raster image, and the image will appear within a drag and click box, what version of auto cad you using mate?
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dont you need to bitmap it or some shit?
sry i had design tech for 2 years but that was a while ago.
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i cant try any of this until tomarow
i dont thin it has to be a bitmap
when you go to insert a picture, it supports jpeg, png, gif, and bmp. (maybe other?i dont remember)