so all of a sudden i can't sing high anymore. i used to be able to get up to a G on the treble clef but i can't even hit it all of a sudden. its not puberty cause my voice changed a long time ago? the cast party for my school's musical was saturday and i was yelling but you would think that i'd be fine by now. someone help me.
...I think that's called "puberty " man. Even though you have gone through it already, your voice will still continue to drop lower over the years.
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Well I dunno how old you are so it might be puberty, but something weird like that happened to me. I got a fever and once I got better I couldn't hit some notes anymore. It's still very slowly coming back.
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that happened to me and i just had to teach myself to hit those notes again, your voice will never be as smooth but you can try to build it back up to where you was
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