Shortly ;

I'm in a technical metal band.
The two guitarists know about theory more than me. They aren't experts though.

I want to be at their level and I know HOW to practice scales and modes.

MY QUESTION ------- ----- ------ ARE THEY MORE SCALES or MODES than these ?


I think more scales exist than these ones

BUT ---- WHAT ARE THEY ???????????

I WANT TO KNOW about what is really essential.

please e-mail me back to Moribond_metal@hotmail.com

I want CONCRETE answers please !
Theres the pentatonic. Other then all those scales there arent many others worth learning
There are other exotic scales; other contries, but those you have listed are the only ones that are important. Ionian is also known as major, and Aeolian is known as minor. There are 2 variations on the Aeolian or minor scale:

Harmonic minor: Normal minor scale, except you sharp the 7th scale degree(1 fret higher)
A notated example would be: A B C D E F #G A #G F E D C B A
The #G is the changed note.

Melodic minor: Normal minor scale except you sharp the 6th and 7th scale degree on the way up, and return them to normal on the way down:
A notated example would be: A B C D E #F #G A G F E D C B A
The #F #G are the changed notes, and return to normal when you descend the scale.
There are also the different pentatonic scales: minor pentatonic, blues scale, and major pentataonic:
Minor pentatonic: A C D E G A G E D C A

Blues scale: A C D Eflat E G A G E Eflat D C A The only difference here is that you add a flat 5th scale degree

Major pentatonic: A B C E G A G E C B A
theres tons of scales. i recommend learning intervals and paying attention the intervals used by those you enjoy. i can literally construct scales out of just intervals that will sound great.
No sense packing a toolbox if you don't know how to use what's in it.

Become very familiar with your basic major and minor scales. By knowing just those two, and knowing when alterations are appropriate, you will be able to jam on just about anything metal you are going to play.
Don't tell me what can not be done

Don't tell me what can be done, either.

I love you all no matter what.
^ is correct, i can literally take any of the 7 modes, throw a flat or 2 (or sharp or 2) in between certain notes and make it sound completely new and fresh and VERY metal. try a minor scale with an added b5, very evil sounding.
other kinds of pentatonics, such as hirojoshi and 'black-key' (the name doesn't really apply to guitar). both those sound nice. also look into bebop, neopolitan, hungarian, whole-tone (a series of whole steps)...this list goes on and on. and don't forget about just plain melodic minor. that is good for anything.