So im thinking about getting these pedals and i just wanted to know what u think of them. Any other suggestions would be good. I play mostly stuff like GNR, Van Halen, AC/DC, Metallica, stuff like that.

thanks in advance
MXR Chorus>Boss Chorus

MXR SCript Phase> MXR Pahse 90

you'll need a flange. I reccomend MXR
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oh and the MXR "Script Phase" is a phase 90, its just a reissue of the original version of the Phase 90
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I just bought an MXR Phase 90 this past week and I am very pleased with it. No fancy dials with more options then I'd know what to do with, just a single, simple knob. I play a lot of Pink Floyd (Gilmour used a lot of phasing) and it does the job well.
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i think im gonna go with the phase 90. So what do u guys think about the electro-harmonix small clone. is it better than the CE-5?
haven't tried either, but EHX makes the best stuff IMO
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i prefer the EHX chorus over almost anything
is has that really nice sound to it
definetely try it out


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