I am planning on buying a new acoustic in the near future and I cant decide between the Beedlove atlas AJ250


or the Seagull S-6


Have you guys had any experience with these? The help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
Hello JEST87. I dont know about the Breedlove, but I play a Seagull S6 and the more I play it , the more I love it. It is a great guitar. Go for it, you won't regret. It's very well made and I know everyone who play's one are very happy and proud of the choice they made.
I really love Seagull guitars.
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I've owned two Seagulls, an S6+ Cedar Dreadnaught an S6+ Cedar Folk. I loved the Dreadnaught, but I traded it in for a Folk .. which I love even more! It's got a great sound to it, easy to play, and a wide nut good for fingerpicking.
I have played both, and I personally like (and own) the Breedlove. I have an AD25 SR+ and I haven't played that particular model, but the brand itself is almost in a class of it's own for the price. I'm not in any way saying Seagull's aren't quality guitars. Just my opinion.

EDIT: I'm assuming you've *played* both of them as well. This should be the biggest factor in your decision, not what some people on a forum tell you.
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The S6 GT + is so great. I instantly fell in love when I played it in the shop. I think you'll be able to find a cheaper price for it though. Shop around for it.
how could you pass up a breedlove, they are amazing, and rival guitars that are double and triple the price. the quality is amazing, and if something goes wrong, they will replace your guitar up to five years later. i own a custom shop breedlove and an atlas. and i am pleased with both. the atlas series are phenominal for what you get. don't pass it up.