im thinking to fet a new guitar. but not a metal guitar, a blues guitar. i listened to the stray cats, amazing band and want to play like that. wats a guitar that can be used for blues for 500 and under.
( lol srry metal heads)
esp ltd m300
ibanez rg
jackosn dinky strat

digitech rp155l
morley bad horsie wah

carvin mt3200 tube amp

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fender strat
epiphone les paul
epiphone es-335

Go out and try a bunch of guitars.
Let's see, under $500?
I have a 10 year old beat up Fender Squier Strat I can sell you for $499.
In my hands you will hear a demonstration of blues that will make you think it was the guitar. But, guess what....It's not the guitar. It's the skill of who is playing it.
Save your money...you can play blues on any guitar.
Yeah blues is more in the hands of the player
but my say would be a strat or tele
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Some kind of Strat. Check Ebay.
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For swing(ish) stuff like stray cats you will want an epi archtop like the es 335. For real blues you will want a teli or an archtop, for your blues rock you will want a strat or a teli. If you want to do all 3 then you will want a strat.
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