Found a band today via possibly the randomest method of all time - a mate of mine training for a strongman contest sent me a youtube link to a guy he knows doing a 165kg axle push press (impressive I'm sure you all agree), and I was taken with the title of one of the vids that pops up (you know, when it says "share the video / watch again. Them ones.)

So yeah, it was called "Heck No! I'll Never Listen To Techno"

Which it turns out is a song by these guys. Did a search, the only thread on thems in The Pit, and based on the 2 songs I've heard (Heck No I'll Never Listen To Techno and He Said She Said) I'm actually pretty keen on them. Very much not the sort of thing I usually go for, but I do like these. Also the video to He Said She Said gets a solid 12/10, worth looking at just for the inventiveness of the vid imo.

Um yeah, linkages below.

I first heard 'He said she said' and wasn't that keen, but something made me listen to more, and I've gotta agree theres something about them. A few listens in and I really quite like them. Might even get my mate into these...he listens to the "rude boy" D -to-tha- B shit. :\ Nice find.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
Yeah, at first I was thinking "hm the songs average, but that video was cool, I'll watch that again..." and the more I watched, the more the song stuck in my head.

Was strolling around work this afternoon saying "...and if you don't come then I'll go with Out You"