I'm in a band that used to be a six-man band, with three guitarists (I am effectively guitar 3). About a month ago, our bassist left the band, and we've been on the lookout for another. However, two or three of the other band members feel pretty strongly that I should, in fact, play the bass. I tried the bass once before in the band, temporarily, and pretty much hated it. The thing is, I'm not that bad at it, it's just it's totally not the instrument that I want to play. We never had a problem with the three guitars when we did have a bassist, but it seems that suddenly 'three guitars is too much'. I suppose we've always known it's too much, but it means harmony parts work quite well.. Anyway, my point is, what would you do if your band asked you to switch to an instrument you didn't want to play? Would you stand your ground? Or just go along with it 'for the band'?
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I'd head over and post this in the bandleading sub forum = )
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