this might be old news but im a bit slow so i just found out.

bit sad. would have liked them to go out with a bang, they always threatened to do something really great but never really delivered, for me at least.

they have a new band called the future, which looks like its the same guys and even (i think) uses some of the later hondo tracks (which are a bit boring IMO). a new direction and a new beginning i assume.

Yeah, I saw it a couple of weeks back, I couldn't really care though because the album was a real let down after the great EPs. The new song is not very good but might grow on me.

It's all the same guys too so no doubt they're using the same songs.
Sucks, Hondo used to be really good both live and on both EP's, I never picked up the album so after hearing what Stu said i'm rather glad. We'll just have to see how this new band works out.

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