gawsh, pretty cool work unborn. LOVED the second, you do know the first one is rotated 90 degrees right? lol pretty lucky having a talented girlfriend to perform with!
Dude, the Rooftops cover was awesome!Do a version with your band, that would rock.

Just a quick question about your voice, it's amazing, have you always been talented in that department?Or did you just practice a lot?Because I would love to be a singer, but I'm not great at the moment. It would be encouraging to know that I could become as good as you one day with a lot of practice.

Keep the covers coming, I love them!
I practiced for like 3 years, some people here at the UG will know that!! i use to post shit that sounded pretty bad, i was always ok at staying on key, i just didnt have good tone or range!! but thats stuff that comes with practice!!! anyone can do it, but it takes a lot of time.
Work to live, not live to work.
rooftops was amazing...
zombie was, well... i personally didn't like it too much.
i think you got potential, you got an intresting voice... your range is just pretty small atm. keep on practicing. You're off key in some parts but you might get better if you train your voice.