^ I happen to like the vocals.

The song is overdone, i agree with you, but i don't feel it's an appropriate issue at hand.

The vocals do sound like they need a tad of compression.

I like the various guitar tones.

In the part with the chords, you don't nail the slide, if you get my drift, so be sure to nail that.

Overall, I like it.
The guitar and drums are too... delicate if you get my meaning, and the vocals are a bit prominent from the music in parts, but your vocal style works.

Not bad though.
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Hmm i don't like the vocals, and you come in at different times on some lines. And yeah the guitar and drums need to be more agressive and heavy. like all GRRR, GRR-GRR-GRR GRR GRRRRR, GRRR. yeah, just like that. Same for the solo> needs to be more screaming. like ahrhrhrh. But good effort, and good playing. Questionable sound quality though.

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