Ok so all of these guitars are pretty much under 300$, thats my budget. I pretty much listen to all types of music and enjoy playing bands like Red hot Chilli Peppers, Metallica, System of a Down, and Dave Matthews Band. So I pretty much have no clue which one of these 4 to get. My amp isnt the best atm, since its really old and used, but Ill buy a new one after I get a new guitar, since my squire strat is giving me problems and I dont find it to have much cosmetic appeal. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Also, I would like to know what the hell the little tremolo knob thingy on the guitar does.

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if you already have a squire save your money for a better guitar.

the squire sucks yes, but you probably won't be gigging very soon, save for something in the 500-700 range IMO
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dude! i know the perfect guitar for u! my first guitar was a dean dimebag tribute (black), there was also snow camo, and it was only 300 and it is frickin awesome. definetly get it.

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i have the viper 100. i love it. its a little neck heavy in my opinion but you will get used to it. i ended up switching out the bridge pickup to an EMG 81. holds up like a ****ing stonewall.
If it was me, I'd get the Epiphone Les Paul or SG, the hollowbody really isn't good for heavier type stuff, the ESP is made out of agathis, which is...eh... The Goth Les Paul/SG are you best bet, the Les Paul would probably fit anything you want to play, SG is more of a hardrock guitar and Les Paul is everything.

On another note, my friend (The bass player in my band) has a Goth Thunderbird Bass and it's a decent guitar, it's VERY neck heavy though, I don't know if this is the case with the guitars though.
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its a crate GX-40C, the thing is its my friend's dad's amp, so technically I dont have one. Anyhow I'm prety sure its used and abused from his giging days around texas in the 90's. I was looking into the spider line III's. maybe the 100-200$? It seems to have a bumch of effects, which is nice since I dont have any effect pedals yet.

Also I dunno how the hell to differenciate between tube/solid amps. The amp I have sounds like crap when I try to play stuff which a lot of distortion (specially on the deeper sounding strings). What could this be?