I would like to know some easy songs that have arpeggios on them please no Yngwie, im not that good. The only arpeggio song i know is "is there anybody out there" By pink floyd

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Good Riddance

about as easy as it gets.
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ii dont like either of those songs. Thanks anyway but maybe something a little harder than those
What do you mean by arpeggios? Do you want sweeping? or just songs with arpeggiation?
i gues just dongs with arpeggiation but a song with sweeping would be nice
I'm not clear on what you're asking for, that's all. Are you looking to develop a specific technique? or you just like a certain sound and want to learn more songs like it?

specifics eh

Stairway to Heaven?
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adding to what hamish said, are we the waiting by green day. The entire first part is A maj and D maj arpegios. Thats it.
I have two for you (in both of these you hit the bass with your thumb and then GBEBG with your fingers while holding the chord)
So for an Am chord you would play:
House of the rising sun:
Just repeat that, if you know the lyrics you can sing along


In case you don't know I will also post what bass note goes with each chord

A&Am - A
C - A
D - D
E&Em - E
F - D
G - E
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