I have a question about scales. This may sound confusing, but try to stick with me. Here is an example. So say I am looking at a G major scale. You know how there is 5 basic boxes for the scales? Well how come there is like 13 different patterns from this website? http://www.all-guitar-chords.com/guitar_scales.php?qqq=FULL&scch=G&scchnam=Major&get2=Get I am having trouble understanding how this works. Like...not all the 13 patterns have these 5 forms in them. Most are different. Why is this? How am I going to memorize all this and how do I know when to use each box form? I heard somewhere the notes transfer or something like that. I read most of the scale lessons on this website. This is all quite confusing to me. Can someone explain in detail? Please...
ive found that website is horrible for scales
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