so we've had this drummer for a bit now and he has played like 3 shows for us and original band thought he was just helping us until we had a drummer but us and the drummer knew that we wanted to be a band together, the other band just misinterpereted(sp?)

so now they don't want him to drum for us and their ultimatum is drum for them get kicked out, so he really wants to drum for us because he's more a fan of our music and he likes to play with us because we are fun to play with, but he likes the other music also and they are really successful, they are going on warped tour ten for ten cities and their debuet album is coming out this march..

also there are no drummers in our town that like they style we are playing. we've been at this for months for getting a drummer.
He'll have to choose which one HE wants. Dont yell at him or anything and if his Other band are asses about it then hopefully he will see who he is more connected to.
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My advice is to learn how to structure sentences.
I was once heavily prominent on these forums from 2004-2007, let's see how long I can stay now that I'm back.
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My advice is to learn how to structure sentences.

I had to type quickly, I was suppose to be doing homework. I had to quickly switch out of it if a parent came in the next room lol.
they should let the dude make his own mind up

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