what would be your favorite punk supergroup.

Vocals wise?
Guitar wise?
Rhythm Guitar (optional) wise?
Any other cwazy insturment?


Vocals- Lou Reed (The Velvet Underground) or Jello (Dead Kennedys), his lisp entertains me
Guitar- Johnny Thunders (The Heartbreakers, The New York Dolls)
Bass- Mike Watt (The Minutemen, the new stooges, fIREHOSE)
Drums- I don't know drummers...hm...get back to ya...
Cowbell- Will Ferral
Quote by BrianApocalypse
Rancid are the best punk band ever.

Tim Armstrong is a songwriting genius, is a complete fashion diva and has an incredible singing voice.

He doesn't sound like Opie from family guy at all.
all you need for a punk super group is will ferrel and his cowbell.

maybe some dude with no hair too, but he's optional.