I found one for 300 off (500$), and I really love it, but I also have a chance to get a Line 6 Ax2212 (400$), which can get pretty close to the sound but not all the way there and there are more options with the Line 6. TO give a little background im playing a 72 custom Tele with a muff. What do you think would be a better investment
i'm pretty sure the line 6 is actually a good amp, but you'd have to ask tubadude, i think.

the jazz chorus is an amazing amp.
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What type of music do you play?
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Yeah, what exactly do you need? If you mainly need cleans, the JC-120 is THE amp if you've decided to go solid state. I haven't heard of that Line 6 Ax, though...
I play jazz blues and classic rock, and I like the line 6 it just doesnt have a great ease of use, as well as I am not a big modeling fan, Id rather have the real thing. I already made the decision, im getting the Roland
um wow the jc-120 is actually like the prime rib or solid state and some valve/tube amps...
it can basically do anything you want it too
alexi leiho(or how ever you spell it) uses it and if you dunno who that is hes the lead singer/guitarist in Children of Bodom(a metal band)
the jc-120 is the ultimate clean amp for jazz
for anything else its meant to be used with PEDALS
if your an uber noob get the line 6
if your a real person, youll just buy pedals

edit: thank you for the right desicion

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i have no experience with the roland amp, but the line 6 ax2 212 amp i a great SS amp with everything under the sun. my buddy has two of them, cleans are awesome, i just go over there sometimes to play with all the goodies it comes with. does it come with the footswitch?

but i highly recommend the ax2
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