Which would be better. A Vox AD50VT (or 100vt) or an epi VJ with a really good cab?
I say go with the VJ fi you know what you're doing and mod it if you can.

The vox has some +'s, considering it has plenty of effects that could show you basically what everything does and all...

Like I said, if you know what you're doing and you're going to get a good cab, I say get the VJ (Not a fan of the vox AD series anyway...)
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I would take the VJ. A few nice distortion pedal will really kick start that amp.
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you had me at really good cab. go for the vj.
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Vj Ftw
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VJ is good for Classic Rock, and with overdrive for metal. Not sure about the clean channel.
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^Generally clean to about halfway up on the volume, of course pickup types affect this.
so what cab would be good
I decided if I get a VJ, I'll go ahead and get a good cab so that when I get a bigger and better tube head, I'll already have a cab that can handle it.
Also, I dont want to do any mods just yet, so I would need an EQ pedal, I already got an distortion pedal, so what would be a good EQ for around $60?
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