i got the rp250 digitech modelling processor for christmas and it says that you can record by downloading the free software from digitech.com, when i downloaded it, no recording stuff came up, the only thing it did was let me control the processor through the computer, can somedody hepl me and give me a link?!?!?!
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I just got done looking at the spec sheet they have for it and it mentions nothing in the way of recording.

What did you download?
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i bought the rp 250 bout a month ago and have the same problem
you download the program but you still need a separate recording program like audacity or something then you set the input in that program to RP250 In/Out or something like that

ive done it before with my RP150 using adobe audition

EDIT: the digitech software is pretty much just so the computer can interpret the incoming signal