Uplift my chariot/ Suckle the vicarious platelets into a leaflet's vase/ raising the lucid crops on air/ sing that sweet and sour line inwards at infinity/ and breath it deep toward your soul/ dilute yourself into honey's nectar/ tipping back the hands/ Shiva's in romance/ and expanding ever onward/ on an orange sunset/ surrounded by the death of the day/ and the baby's breath in your hair/ Never doubted that your lips could paint a picture/ and center the focus into a collection of lines/ You raise the glass in health/ and bask aside the sassafras leaves/ exceeding everything /
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NevermorePsalm thank you for showing me how clever and witty one person can be in just a few sentances. My God i wanna be like u so much! In fact we all do. Well done

Steven Wilson and Mikael Akerfeldt own my soul.