Does anyone here have experience with Made in Mexico Squiers? I'd like to give a "Strat" a try but don't wanna plunk down lots of money for a "real" one right now. I have the opportunity to buy a early-mid 90s Mexican Made Squier (big Fender logo with little squier series logo on the ball end) for $140 including case and small practice amp (that I'd unload). Oh, and it's a Fat strat, which is cool as far as I'm concerned.

The research I've done (including reading a message board post from a Fender VP) suggests that MIM Squiers were made from Fender Mexican bodies and necks, but with cheaper Squier hardware. Plus they have the same pickups used in MIM Fenders...To me, this means good sustain/finish/tone, and a nice full size nut width on the neck.

I've heard that the quality rivals a MIM Fender (same factory and workers built them) and these could be considered a step between a Standard Squier Strat and a Mexican Strat.

After selling the amp, I figure I could have a MIM Squier with hard case for around $100...seems like a deal to me. Plus, I like that it says "Fender" in big script like the early 80s ones did....no one would even know it's a Squier!

Anyone have any experience with these?

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stick with those ibanez's you have, i have a mexico strat. Its ok.... but the pickups are crap and its made out of ply wood, made feed back. But if your into deep heavy metal look into them
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I agree with Sun, stick to what you have.

I never put down a guitar but Squire is pure garbage. If you want something good for a decent price, try Epiphone or Godin. Or maybe a pawnshop guitar.
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stick with those ibanez's you have, i have a mexico strat. Its ok.... but the pickups are crap and its made out of ply wood, made feed back. But if your into deep heavy metal look into them

You are a complete retard. Mexican strats are made out of one or two peices of wood, yes; plywood? Hell no.

A friend of mine recently aquired one of those except his is a SSS strat. He loves it. We're thinking it's a lucky model though since it sounds so good. I'd say go for it, it's not a squire in any way. But play it good first to see if the tuning holds up and really make sure you're happy with the sound.

Oh and these two ^ don't know a Mexican made "Squier series" Fender from a quality Japanese Squire from the Indonesian & Chinese made shit they sell under that name. Anyone who thinks Epi has better quality control than Mexican made Fenders hasn't played more than two of each.
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I had a squiet mexistrat, and i can tell you that, despite what the specs say, it's nothin like a ****in fender strat at all. The tone is bad, the hardware is pure crap, the wood and materials are everything you'd expect from a 130 dollar guitar. If you're not gonna pay the 300 or so for a mexi strat by FENDER, don't waste the dough on a squier unless you can't afford anything else. Besides - you've got an RG1570 - what the hell do you want with a damn squier strat? If you're lookin for somethin different, there are so chearper ESP's that are awesome for metal, I'd say look into those. I'm the happiest with my ESP of all my guitars, except my S2120.
Yeah, I'm not getting rid of my Ibanez's...at least not my RG1570. I just want a cheap Strat to play around with, maybe mod, and to leave sitting next to my bed to play when I can't sleep...the 1570 is great but I like to play the field :-)

Squier's have been made in 1/2 dozen different countries and there are several different models...they don't all suck. Early Japanese Squiers were basically Fenders...just made for export. MIM Squiers should be much better than current Asian models (although I've heard great things about made in China Affinities).

On here people talk smack about them and can't even spell Squier...MIM Squiers are NOT plywood bodies...Affinity and Standard Strats made today are even made of Alder and Agathis, IIRC. Yeah, Bullets may suck, but they're 100 bucks...that's a given.

I really did NOT want this to be a Squier bashing thread. There have to be some people on here who were around when the Mexican Squiers were being produced who can give me some feedback based on experience.
I would say go for it, For 100 bucks you cant lose. Its probly not the best guitar obviously, but its cheap and not anywhere near as bad as people say. Most people will just bash squiers but for the price, there ok guitars. Especially the one your getting.
Sorry about my silly misspelling, that has very little to do with a love/hate relationship with Squiers and more a lack of ability to spell on my part.

My friend loves his. I've played it quite a lot and really like it as well.
Radiomuse...that's good shit ...Sounds like you know your Squier stuff. I think a MIM Squier is huge bang-for-the-buck...

Mayhem, I can "afford" any guitar I want, but I like the idea of a cheap strat that's almost as good as a real one....at least a real Mexicano. And obivously you don't buy a Strat for metal...esp if you already have an RG...
I know my Fenders (pretty well-ish), Squier just happens to be an extention of that.

Still I've noticed that Mexican Fenders are rather hit or miss for me in terms of sound and feel. I love some of them and most others I'd never shell out my (generally very limited) cash out for.
The way I look at it is that I could buy it, play it, then sell it for at least that much if I don't like it...Mayhem, sounds like yours sucked...it was still a mass produced low end guitar, I guess, so I'm sure there are plenty of duds out there....just like any low end axes.

It's funny...according to this board my GSA60 really sucks, but I really have yet to find problems with this guitar other than a crappy trem...sustain and tone really arent bad, and the pups and electronics are super quiet. But if I'd read this board first I'd have never bought it

Thanks for the feedback guys...
RadioMuse, there's something about a Strat that's always made me want one. Probably b/c I remember seeing so many of my rock heros playing them. It's like having a piece of history almost.

I'm sure I'll have a "real" one some day but right now I'd rather spend my hard-earned cash on other things. Plus, once I have one I don't have anything to look forward too ;-)
Well if you wanna buy a cheapy, that's your deal. True enough, as Yoder said, there's gonna be a crapper in any group of guitars. Maybe that was mine, but the experience I had with them was pretty bad. Oh, and not playing a strat for metal? Tell that to Iron Maiden or Killswitch Engage - Adam played a strat on the first label album
I agree with you on the Strat/Iron Maiden point. People TYPICALLY don't go after strats for metal, though...esp SSS ones. I don't mind a cheapy to play around with for a little while...I'd rather a Mexi-strat but I don't even know if I'll like a feel of a strat...the fact that the Mexican Squier uses the real Mexican Fender neck and supposedly had pretty good quality means that I'll get a pretty good feel for the real thing.

My wife's uncle still has his original red 1960s Strat stored in his attic. Now THAT's one I'd like to talk him into "lending" me for a while...err...for ever.
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There's nothing wrong with Squier's from yesteryear, particularly an 80's Strat. The late 80's, early 90's Japanese ones are supposed to be great.
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