My bands gig is coming up but we don't practise often and aren't ready yet. How long before a gig should we be ready? We know all the songs, but we only have a month and I'm worried thats not enough time. Also, what order should the set list be? We're doing Highway to Hell, 7 Nation Army, Feel Like Makin' Love, one mellow original, and one punk original. I know this is a lot to ask, so thanks.
Feel Like Makin' Love First, maybe Highway to hell first cause it's recognizable
Edit: Although Makin Love might be kinda of mysterious cause it doesn't start out right into it it starts out with part people don't recognize it just sounds familiar and when you get to the chorus people say ohhhh. That's assuming you have a musical savvy crowd and everything goes perfect
Good Luck.
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7 nation army is a good opener because most people will know that riff. same goes for highway to hell but it doesnt make a good opener, after 7nation army do an original, then feel like makin love, highway to hell, then your other original. if they want an encore an easy song to learn and everyone knows is knockin on heavens door. ironic considering highway to hell is on the set list
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definitely open with highway to hell

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Just keep in mind that what can go wrong at a gig, will. Without fail.
Well you at least need to be ready to play the day before the gig. What you want to do is practice all the songs until everybody knows how to play them and then meet about 3 times a week to practice some more. And the week before the show, you are going to want to practice your ass off just about everyday you can until everybody can play it perfectly.

As for the set list, just wait until you know what type of crowd it is. You need to open with something that will get their attention (or at least something you will think they will like) and then go from there. Just make sure you their is a giant transition between songs or you might confuse/lose your audience.
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where is it at? (sorry i didnt really read it)...

like a school or like a coffee shop, nursery home?
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If you want it to have a real 'gig' feel, put your set list in some kind of order, but don't take to it religiously. If you're playing to a bunch of teens, set up all of your equipment, and get the room quiet. Don't say a word, and bring it into 7 Nation Army. If you're playing to an older crowd, start with Highway to Hell or Feel like Makin' Love. After that, introduce yourself, and from there you have to read the crowd, see if they liked what you played once you're done. If they did, you're gold, play the set in a way that flows together from one song to the next. If they don't, change things around and play a different song on the list next.

You can end it with a big loud bang, which Highway to Hell would be good for, you can have the classic Rock "everybody kicking ass" at the end of the song, and end in a lot of energy, or you can end with your mellow song, leave the audience knowing you guys know how to write deep music, etc., or you can end it with your punk song to get the crowd into a good angry mood for the next band. Your choice.

Being that it's a month away, all you can do is drill your songs until you know them by heart, or even get another song down if you can. If your band wants to gig, they have to practice, simple as that. If they don't want to practice, they don't want to be in a band.

I have to question where you're playing though, as I know quite a few bands around here who play 7 Nation Army.
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