I don't know where to post this, so I'll post it here. My band needs a drummer in a month, and no one around the town plays. How long should it take for someone to learn a little bit? We don't need John Bonham, we just need a little rythm. Are we screwed, or can we pull it off? Thanks
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We don't need John Bonham

Well good. That mofo is deadddd.
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If you're talking White Stripes style, just give someone a snare, kick, cymbal and two sticks (no, that's not an insult, I love the White Stripes, it's just fact).

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I never had to learn anything, I played guitar for 4 years and never touched a drum set until about 2 years ago and i was able to do beginning stuff on double bass and play most drum parts to songs i was listening to at the time.
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invest in a drum machine if you're having drummer problems...
i dont play drums, but i've always wanted to...

Do you have any local music shops with teachers teaching drums, i'm sure if you pay a drum teacher, he would do it...
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Agh, you're playing a gig in a month and you don't have a Drummer?

Oh well, I've done that before...

If worse comes to worst, get some drum machine or something. You really don't want to do that though, never do you feel more like a toddler than when you press the "play" button on your Drummer. Trust me, I've had to do it more than enough times.

Your gig just got a Hell of a lot harder. Bad Drummers ruin bands, really. So many local bands around me are decent, but have off-timing/simply bad Drummers that bring them down. If you find someone to Drum soon, drill his ass like there's no tomorrow, burn those songs into his brain. I'd help if I could.
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We don't need John Bonham

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Well good. That mofo is deadddd.

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