so i want to build my first guitar. i have some questions and i want to know if u guys know the answers.
1. wood-i was thinking mahogany. i was also wondering where i could order something like this. i live in manitoba canada and i don't really know any place that around carry a nice slab of mahogany...so is there any place on the net i can get it?
2. pickups-bridge=gibson burstbucker. now i dont need a neck humbucker that will provide me with a bluesy tone. so i was wondering if i could put another bridge humbucker right above the bridge one. i was wondering if this would effect the sound of this pickup? if not i want to put an active EMG in there.
3. wiring etc-i want 2 tone knobs, 2 volume knobs (one set for each bucker), a killswitch like buckethead uses that is spring loaded, and output jack and a pickup selector. i want to know where i can order such things off the net?
4. bridge-i want a floating trem with a floyed rose. where can i get this on the net?
5. tuning keys-i would like a nice set of grover tuners. where can i get these on the net?
6. wiring scematics-what site can i get the scematic for my setup on the net?
7. neck/fretboard/headstock-where can i get a fretboard off the net? i was thinking about a bolt on neck, so i was wondering if i can get the plate that the screws go through on the net or i could make it myself.
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For buying stuff off the internet, I'd suggest Warmoth, they'll custom route whatever you want for a little more, you can even get the bodies painted. They have duncan pickups on their site, though if you go with EMGs you'll have to buy them else where, they have all other things to build it. There's a few other websites, but I like warmoth the best
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you can always look at stewart-macdonalds website

they have a relatively nice supply of parts and raw materials

thats the only place i really know of
so if it isnt much help
i apologise
^^^ good place its my favorite website besides this and project guitar lol. guitarfetish.com is good too