So, what's your stlye? Hmm? I don't mean "I play metal" (i.e. 99.8 per cent of UG), rather, what do you do differently to everyone else.

I'm not asking you to give away your super guitar secrets.

I'll go first. Basically, I play lots of stuff, but come into my own with a clean sound and some reverb and trying to simulate a bigger guitar sound than whats there.

Sure, I could use a different tuning, but I like to give the "illusion" of an open tuning, and it can work really well in Em.
I play with lots of pinch Harmonics, pick scrapes, and things that sound flashy... it amuses me i guess..
im a big proponent of the Tom Morello philosophy of creating sounds no one else has heard. So ill use a lot of whammy with a killswitch built in to my guitar, etc.
Santana tone w/funky leads.
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i play a lot of acoustic tapping stuff,,,in the vein of Michael hedges and Preston reed
My style? I strive to write songs that are atypical of the generic rock song structure/format.

One way in which I try to maintain originality is that I never EVER use a straight-up power chord progression. Additionally, I try to incorporate piano, strings, and other instruments into my music. Also, lyrically I focus on topics ranging everywhere from literature to history and beyond.

I hate the thought of making derivative, unexciting music.
My band and I incoperate piano into music as a prominent instrument, equal to guitar in rythm and soloing, and use chords up to 13 in a metal band (and it doesn't sound bad, its awesome). Somewhat like Yawn, I try not to do typical metal stuff. I do use power chords often, but I don't limit myself to that. I write tons of different styles all quite well, and my solos sound more fit for jazz than metal.
Swamp Funk. It's like Muddy Waters playing guitar for Sly and the Family Stone. It's not a very prevalent style, but I like it a lot. I also use my pick sideways, and upstroke a lot to get a punchier, almost... well, country sound. It's a weird combination.
I have a mohawk and I (will when I get it) play metal through an Orange amp. Sometimes even on my Tele..

Playing wise I do nothing interesting. I suppose I like weird chord arpeggios and stuff and try to mix that clean type stuff in for intro/outros of metal songs. I like the juxtaposition of it and the way the dynamics helps build interest for the rest of the song.
Self-proclaimed Fastest guitarist on UG. I love my speed. Its my strongest point. I want to develop my hybrid picking technique and chord melody playing.
the best trick i have is to start a song in the same (boring?) was as any song starts, then, just as the people think its going to go one way... WHAM, do the direct other way... that usealy keeps me happy, and to a lesser extent, people listing amused.
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I don't know if I have a very unique style, but in terms of tone I generally go for a big ,juicy and bassy guitar tone; scooped mids or really trebly sounds just turn me off I guess.
Quote by lespaul.zim
im a big proponent of the Tom Morello philosophy of creating sounds no one else has heard. So ill use a lot of whammy with a killswitch built in to my guitar, etc.

you should read your post a few times to yourself until you get the paradox in what you said

anyhu i like to use my guitars vibrato quite a bit (not metal style) and i also combine several effects to get some synthy Prodigy-esque sounds (crazy sounds basically made musical). for example i would use a big muff,my Boss DD2 with the feedback setting on full so it self oscillates and goes crazy (this is good cos you can play a note,wait for it to go crazy then quickly switch the pedal off and on -repeat-), and i also LOVE my Burford Robot Ring Modulator.REAL crazy sounds outta that.

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Hmm... good melodies, sometimes fast playing, incorporating some electronica, metal riffs, rockabilly sounding chords, some fun harmonics, playing stuff around the 24th fret on the lowest strings for a different tone... and any combination of elements and sub-elements therein.

That's about all really. I choose my tone from there. Technique wise, I like to use a lot of legato, but I also like to tremolo pick for it's tone... Don't bend much. My vibratos are shallow and subtle and "classical", so it raises and lowers in pitch. I find "normal" vibrato to be horribly out of tune, but there's a time and place for everything.

That's about all. Other than that, my music seems a bit crazy... seems to jump around a lot but still sounding good.
You know I'm pretty sure that most sounds that can be played on a guitar have already been coaxed out by some famous musician, so I don't really worry about being different or standing out from the herd. I just play what sounds good to me (bluesy rock) and try to play with as much soul as I can.

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Quote by Food_for_funk
I don't know if I have a very unique style, but in terms of tone I generally go for a big ,juicy and bassy guitar tone; scooped mids or really trebly sounds just turn me off I guess.

I've got quite a middy tone which I use to hold screaming notes till they flood into harmonics and feedback. I do that quite alot, it sounds awesome I also make alot of use of dead notes.
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Quote by Diamond Dave
bending and vibrato are probably my strongest points, then legato after that for lead playing

thats the same as me i bend the strings like ther is no tommoro, ive got a sort of tapping essence in my playing
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Pretty sure I'm not unique, but I use a lot of trills, especially 4 fret stretches (tough on the hand).
And I use palm muting rhythmically, i.e. mute some notes but not others.
My solos tend to be quite atonal and sustained rather than a blur of notes.
Whatever, it sounds okay to me.
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I play on the neck pickup a lot to get a very smooth sound, both clean and distorted. When playing clean lead lines I make my playing as smooth, silky and fluid as I can. I use fret hand muting techniques so that I can strum all six strings but only have one or two play, giving me more chunk. When playing lead lines I add in a lot of chords, something I'm proud of and put a lot of work into. I do lots of bends and multi-bends.

I do a lot of things depending what style I'm playing at the time, but that's what sticks out most.
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For starters, I play metal on a fire engine red Hamer Scarab, I still haven't seen anyone else use one for a show...shame too, they are a good guitar...

Secondly,I am very influenced by Nobuo Uematsu (the composer of the final fantasy game's music) so my solo's tend to have this weird classical flair to them...along with the fact that I cover a few videogame tunes here and there (Maybe I'm a Lion, Those Who Fight Further, Dancing Mad, One Winged Angel).

Third, I'm the only Italian rocker in my town
I use the major scale a lot. I like to do high gain very melodic major riffs. Combine that with way too many whammy divebombs and tricks, and pickslides and squeals. And I also like to do unusual sweeps. For instance theres a sweep part in one of our songs that is the G# locrian mode (we tune to C#). And my band is metalcore so we can get really mechanical so I like to do bends with my fretting hand but also with the whammy bar. That can give a fill in a song a lot of feeling out of nowhere.
We're only strays.
i tend to use vibrato and sometimes i dont even know it.
i also improvise a lot inbetween takes with my band. thats actually the basis for most of our songs. i have a bluesier sound and my bassist hates blues so when he askes me to play something again, i know its a keeper. ha
I play lots of dissonant chords with harsh distortion, mixed with palm- muted bassnotes and power chords. And solo-like riffs, too.
i play mainly leads, I'm VERY Tony Iommi influenced (ozzy days) so I use the minor pentatonic a lot (but I can make it sound pretty good I must say).

My style is simarler to Iommi's bluesy yet heavy, but I have my own characteristics with it, very Virtuoso influenced, sort of heavy blues but with the same musicianship of Vai's.

My main 'tones' are more high-end than low end a medium amount of mids and different gain depending on what I'm doing, my gain is more controlled by my pedals, I have high gain on the DS-1 and a middle amount on the BB-II which produces a great blues tone (light or heavy)

And when I get my Valve Junior and Laney cab I'm sure I'll advance my style a lot more.
I use a Strat for everything.

My settings generally equal out on different amps to: Treble 7, Mids 4, Bass 6, and then my tone varies from clean to the highest OD on the Bad Monkey and pretty much everything in between. Planning to get a Big Muff, AC30 and a V847 Wah.

I'm not really /that/ original. I sorta fall between Frusciante, Hendrix and SRV in application of the tone.

I like the major and minor pentatonics, and the major scale.
The Laney Thread are big and clever. No exceptions.
i use a lot of mid and use spanish scales and try to keep my solos melodic for the most part.then i pull out a screaming lick at warp speed resulting in mass face melting

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I hate these threads when they become an opportunity for people to lie about how uniqe they are, but I'll join in anyway.
I play lead. I use legato and picking / palm muting. I often angle my pick inwards. These are mainly metal/ rock techniques, but I originally played blues, so I'm pretty decent at that, although I am in absoutely no way thinking there is no more to learn. As soon as you think that, you're a goner.
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i like to create guitar 'orchestras'
like record a track, then record something else over it
then something else after that. it really fun
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I don't play lots of metal but I do pinch harmonics like there nothing ALOT. Plus I like to incorporate some acuostic parts in everysong (Like Man Made God by In Flames).
i dont have my own style, but i like to play punk with a little metal and blues mixed in using various techiniques like alternate picking and tremelo picking and stuff like that to the point where its just tasteful.

i just like to have fun and make people have fun. i do what it takes to make people have fun, whether its powerchords or shredding.
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I generally just let a lot of string ring. This, obviously, requires some explaining though. Basically, a lot of the time I'll play the melody line, whatever it is, and at the same time let and open string at the same time. However, you can't just do this with any open string, as some simply sound bad with each other. I've done this enough now, that without having to think too much, I know there are certain combinations of open strings and most notes on the fret board that will sound good. On top of this though, you have to be conscience of what effects you are using. Too much distortion in some case just makes it sound like a cocophany (spelling, anyone?) of noise. It works very well on acoustics (particularly my new 12-string ), as well as cleaner tones. You can use some distortion, just not a hell of a lot for all sounds.
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