so if im playing something like this, string skipping, in C minor:


would i play that as hammer ons and pull offs, or all alt picked, or whats the most common way and such? i play it hammer on/pulled off now because its just quicker, would it make sense to work out the alt picked one too?
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well,,,,if paul were playing it, it would all be picked,,,,,sometimes with a drill,,,,,,

Strict hammer-ons and pulloffs if you wanna get that gilbert-tone. On alternates its just slower and sound horrible.
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well,,,,if paul were playing it, it would all be picked,,,,,sometimes with a drill,,,,,,

Hhhhmmm... in Paul Gilbert's School Of Shred he always said things like "and I pull off here to give me time to get my picking hand to this string" when he did string skipping licks.
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you can do it either way, really. hammer on and pull offs is slightly easier, and as faz/mad says, will sound a bit more like gilbert.
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Gilbert plays those by picking one note or so on each string for accentuation, and this is an integral part of his characteristic sound. So you would probably play it something like:

e|--(pick 11)11p8-----------------------------------------------(Pick 11)8h11-
G|------------------(pick 12)12p8---------------(pick 8)8h12------------------

Or he might pick both notes on the G string.
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