I've received a lot of opinions and advice on how to improve my vocals so I attempted to use that to make my voice more likable in general. so especially if you've heard my stuff before, do you think my voice sounds better this way? I tried to lose the "nasally" style that some of you pointed out. oh and I know i changed this song a lot so don't expect it to sound exactly like the original. c4c if you leave a link.

link is in sig.
hey thanks for the crit, yeah, i got a bit off a few times, i'll fix that later.

I'm a pretty big Brand New fan, gonna see them march 31st.

I like the lil riff you added in. You have a nice voice, but I noticed that you kinda stretch your vowels at certain points and that makes it sound kinda weird. It sounded nice, but try to get more gut and power in there. especially during the bridge since it's the climax of the song, it'll make it a more interesting tune to listen to. But overall, it was nice. Keep on singing.
I like your vocals alot, but the guitar seemed kind of lifeless, like it was strummed just down down down down down if you know what I mean...but then again, I've only heard this song once so this could be how it's meant to go...

I still liked it though. Also, you're pretty brave for putting a cover on Myspace I got my last site shut down because of it
thanks everyone. and yeah the guitar is pretty simple. i probably even made it more simple than it is in the actual song...but its more driven by the vocals and lyrics. and whattt you can really get your site shut down for that? everyone puts covers on myspace.