This is my cover of The Good The Bad and The Queen's "History Song"
A great song, at least I think so
anyways I recorded everything here myself, playing the acoustic, bass, and electric guitars, I actually bought a tambourine especially for this song to spice it up, because of my lack of percussion instruments, and of course I sang myself, which hopefully turned out semi-decent

anyways link time:
should be the first song on there

er yeah... CRIT FOR CRIT
leave a link
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Pretty good, not my type of music but hey! a few bits off time but other than that its good thanks for the crit!
good psychadelic feel, the lala part sounded like u were regurgitating something and the timing was slightely off at parts but i got the feeling u were going for and it was good, the singing wasn't half bad either, good job just a little rough