I am new to playing the guitar and I'm trying to learn the fever by the academy is... if anyone can help me play it especially the

because I don't get how to not play the d string
an easier way to do it might be to play it in the same shape as the Emaj open chord. Middle finger on A, ring on G, index on B.
Whereas you might normally arch your fingers over the other strings so that they don't cause the other strngs to buzz when you strum the chord, see if you can lower the fleshy part of your fingers to mute the strings between the voices of the chord.

Alternatively, use your ring on the A, pinky on the G, and middle on the B, and mute the rest with your index finger in the barre shape.
Well, I would play this with my index finger on the A string, middle finger on the G string, and ring finger on the B string. While fretting with your index finger, let it touch the D string to keep it from ringing out. Also, if you can't keep from strumming it, with the tip of your index finger, touch the E string to mute it as well. From the tab you have given us, I don't know of an easier or more practical way than this.
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Alternatively you could try using your thumb on the A string, wrap your left ankle around the back of your neck pressing the G string with your toe, and press the D string wih your nose.

(Well, everyone else has had a go, so I may as well throw in my 2 cents)

Hope this helps.
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Only strum ADGB.. the best way to fret these notes would be to use your 1st finger (index) to fret the note on A, your 2nd finger (middle) to fret the note on G, and your 3rd finger (next one along) to fret the note on B. To mute (not play) the D string, just touch the string slightly with your index finger as you fret the note on A. With some practice you wont hear the open string at all.. sorry if that sounded confusin lol