Okay so there are under-rated guitarist threads, but this is a bit different.

Who do you think gets the most crap?

I would say Kirk Hammett, IMO he has a considerable amount of skill, and Metallica has some amazing riffs.
Yeah I think Dave is a great guitarist (although his vocals kinda suck imo). ****, I'd feel shitty two if I was always one-upped by a band I got kicked out of earlier.
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john mayer (undeservedly so)

Agreed. Hes a great blues guitarist, and always gets shit because his songs are pop-ish.
i have to agree with the whole jon mayer thing goin around, he gots the whole blues thing down, but he is way to damn mellow
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Hammett gets pissed on a ton, though I can't really blame most people for doing so...
Kerry King

Slayer just wouldn't be Slayer without his over the top whammy bar/chromatic wankery
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